What Is Malware and How Can It Affect My Website?

Malware is a term used to refer to different types of malicious software. One of them included viruses which tend to spread to systems the moment they are introduced to one. It can also be a harmful code designed to affect a single system. Malware can affect your website in the following ways.

Alter the appearance of your site

You already have content on your website that your visitors and audience identify with. Cybercriminals can change this by replacing your content with their own. The worst part is that they often replace it with content that promotes different agendas, for instance, religious or political. The unfortunate part is that this content may be disregarded by your audience and you will end up losing the traffic that you worked so hard for and having the image of your brand tarnished.

Giving access to cybercriminals

There is a kind of malware known as backdoors that cybercriminals use to hack your website. Remember that your site may be holding a lot of sensitive customer data. The cybercriminals could use this for malicious agendas. Also, their entry poses a threat of your web design being damaged.

Give redirects

You have worked so hard to drive traffic to your website. Maybe it is through staying up most of the nights creating content or using paid ads. Malware could make all these efforts go to the drains. Such malware sends your visitors to other malicious sites.

Drop your ranking on SERPs

You might have a clue about how SEO works. One of the rules is that you should always stay away from links connecting you to spammy sites. What malware does is link you to spammy websites or even posting unrelated keywords to your website. This will significantly affect your SEO, and you will start to note a sudden drop in the ranks. If not eliminated in good time, your site could end up even being flagged.

Website malware has dire consequences. It goes all the way from spoiling your reputation to your site being flagged. There are however ways that you can protect your website from malware by for instance using VPN on Google Wi-Fi and by updating your software and plugins promptly.